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Impressive stability, agility and speed, superior build quality, ultra light full-carbon body, state-of-the-art anti-shake technology, fully programmable GPS precision flights, heavy-duty payload, unmatched range, compatible with nearly all cameras. Endless tracking shots, entirely new ways of panning and angles you never thought possible. Sounds good? Select your model.

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Engineer-built. Stuntman-operated.

What sets our operators apart from the rest? They have experience. They are 2nd unit directors, stunt coordinators, and Hollywood stuntmen. They fully understand film: how a set works, how things should be shot, what a production needs, and most importantly, what looks good from the air. On set it is crucial for a flying camera team to not only understand what's going on, but how things work. We have that covered.

But that is only the half of it.

On the engineer side we have full factory backing from microdrones. This means that the very people that pioneered the technology are the ones that personally build, modify and upgrade our drones. This ensures that we not only have technology that works flawlessly, but is top of the line, not available to the public, and far more technologically advanced then any other U.A.V. in the film business.

microdrones pictures

microdrones pictures is doing what others can’t do: Offering services based on the very best technology out there - the systems of microdrones Germany. Our symbiosis allows us to achieve outstanding, repeatable results. We're not talking individually-built, semi-professional quadrocopters - our entire fleet is 100% backed by microdrones headquarters in Germany and their factories in China and Russia to ensure top-notch quaility down to the smallest chipset. Together we can make sure that we're always at the edge of possibilities.

Ferdi Fischer, head of microdrones-pictures: 'It took us a long time til we found the right approach to enter the high professional aerial cinematography business based on unmanned and remotely piloted platforms. For more than 3 years, we are working closely together with microdrones which opened up a completely new perspective for us to capture action scenes and other spectacular aerial footage. Our engineers put extreme efforts in upgrading the core systems of microdrones in order for us to be able to offer incredible aerial shoots for affordable budgets.'


The birthplace of our core technologies is microdrones in Germany. microdrones builds its fundamentals on some very strong values and principles, starting with the people who are dedicated to one thing: VTOL UAV aviation. Their passion and enthusiasm is to design, develop, manufacture and finally sell their aerial photography and cinematography quadcopters worldwide and offer it to a huge variety of customer groups all over the planet.

Sven Juerss, CEO of microdrones in Germany: 'microdrones and microdrones pictures are challenging each other every day to innovate continually. Whether in the form of new product lines or improvements to current ones, more effective manufacturing processes and service programs or developing new functionalities and methods - we're dedicated to one goal: To be the best quadrocopter-based UAS for aerial videography on the market.'

Melting these unique capabilities of both companies is the key driver for our extremely fast business development. Together we'll show you entirely new perspectives for your business. Interested? We're happy to hear from you.

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